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As one of the leaders of the Antwerp diamond industry, the world’s biggest diamond trafficking center, Rayjo has been a respected name since 1967.This family lead SME draws from the know-how of different generations and puts a focus on quality of product as well as on customer service.

The combination of enthusiastic employees on the one hand, and the ability to work with sophisticated technology on the other, enables us to deal with your demands in a flexible manner.

With an archive of over 5000 models and parts, the use of the newest software, 3D printers and a considerable amount of professional competence, we can guarantee our customers the quality they are looking for in their jewelry.

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3D since 1993

To meet the sometimes very specific demands of our clients, RAYJO decided, as one of Belgium’s pioneers, to start 3D printing. In order to improve and progress, constant innovation and development is a must. The ancient technique of vulcanization is still being used in some cases, complementing the 3D printing. It is important to choose the right technique to have the best result on both technical and financial level. And of course there will always be room for the client to express their preference.

We restyle or Buy your old juwels

Rayjo also offers you the possibility to restyle your old jewelry into a newer design or give you a fair price for them depending on the current gold exchange standard. Depending on the quality of the diamonds, Rayjo may also be interested in purchasing them.

The Team

The high level standards of our profession are met by our passionate experts

Johan Van Camp
Marleen Van Camp

Diamonds have an image of purity and light. They are given as a pledge of love and worn as a symbol of commitment.

Peter Singer


Click on the folder to get a teaser of our collection. Our trump card is customizing your favourite piece of jewelry

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